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WiTuners Mobile

Wi-Fi Site Survey on Android Tablets and Phones

Wi-Fi Site Survey Software on Android Devices with WiTuners Mobile WiTuners Mobile is a lightweight mobile application for Wi-Fi professionals to perform daily tasks such as Site Survey, Rogue AP detection, and Wi-Fi field diagnosis with ease. It scans Wi-Fi networks in the field and collects data to be further processed by the WiTuners' backend.

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Wi-Fi Site Survey

Mobile Site Survey

For Wi-Fi professionals, WiTuners Mobile enables you to conveniently perform Site Survey with your mobile devices. You don't have to carry a heavy laptop to do the time-consuming survey anymore. WiTuners Mobile can generate and show heat-maps. Survey results are stored in local files or in a remote database and can be later retrieved for further processing by WiTuners to generate or optimize a Wi-Fi deployment plan.

Detect Wi-Fi Rogue APs

WLAN Performance Assessment

Enable users to test speed and latency with ease to assess the performance of WLANs, which is useful to verify a predictive WLAN plan or verify the performance improvement after applying a WLAN optimization.

Advised Aps and chanels for Wi-Fi

Continuous Site Survey

This feature enables users to diagnose the WLAN performance varying with time. You can place an Android device at any location and leave it there to continuously collect data of site survey, speed, and latency for a period of time.

Connect to Wi-Fi Aps on Mobile Devices

Detect Rogue APs

Rogue APs present a real threat to the security of Wi-Fi networks. With WiTuners Mobile, Wi-Fi professionals in the field are alerted when it scans the Wi-Fi networks and detects Rogue APs. Therefore they can further check whether these Rogue APs are connected to their secure network and take action accordingly.

User Guide for WiTuners Mobile

Learn about 20+ features of WiTuners Mobile

WiTuners Mobile 3.01 Released

Install WiTuners Mobile on Android devices.
New features in the free lite version
  • Signal view with horizontal bars
  • Channel view with charts
  • View of APs per channel
  • Ping the connected AP
  • Set floor map scale by 2-point setting
New features in the Pro version
  • WLAN performance assessment
  • speed test and latency test
  • Continuous site survey
  • Automatic survey point recording mode
  • 1-click upload survey results
  • 1-click download survey results
  • 1-click download WLAN plans created with WiTuners Planner
  • Remote Project capability

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