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Wi-Fi Site Survey Console for Mobile Devices - MCA

Wi-Fi Site Survey Software on Android Devices MCA Wi-Fi Console for Mobile Devices is a lightweight mobile application for Wi-Fi professionals to perform daily tasks such as Site Survey, Rogue AP detection, and Wi-Fi field diagnosis with ease. It scans Wi-Fi networks in the field and collects data to be further processed by the WiTuners' backend.

MCA 2.0 has over 19,000 users now. Stay tuned. As soon as the number hits 20,000, we will release MCA 3.0 with many new features.

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Wi-Fi Site Survey

Site Survey

For Wi-Fi professionals, Wi-Fi Console enables you to conveniently perform Site Survey with your mobile devices. You don't have to carry a heavy laptop to do the time-consuming survey anymore. The Wi-Fi Console can generate and show heat-maps. Survey results are stored in local files or in a remote database and can be later retrieved for further processing by WiTuners to generate or optimize a Wi-Fi deployment plan.

Detect Wi-Fi Rogue APs

Detect Rogue APs

Rogue APs present a real threat to the security of Wi-Fi networks. With WiTuners Wi-Fi Console, Wi-Fi professionals in the field are alerted when it scans the Wi-Fi networks and detects Rogue APs. Therefore they can further check whether these Rogue APs are connected to their secure network and take action accordingly.

Advised Aps and chanels for Wi-Fi

Advised APs and Channels

WiTuners Wi-Fi Console advises the best APs to connect to when, for example, you are at a Wi-Fi hot-spot. It also recommends the best channels to choose when you set up a new Wi-Fi network. If your existing Wi-Fi does not perform well, you can try to set it to the channels the Wi-Fi Console recommends.
Connect to Wi-Fi Aps on Mobile Devices

View Wi-Fi and Connect to APs

Wi-Fi Console can scan Wi-Fi continuously or on an on-demand basis, then display the details about all the Wi-Fi networks nearby. It enables you to easily select and connect to a Wi-Fi with just one click. You can also save and retrieve the Wi-Fi information from a file or a database.

If you have issues with your Wi-Fi network, WiTuners Wi-Fi Console's Email Reporting feature enables you to Email your Wi-Fi administrator or Wi-Fi service provider along with the Wi-Fi information collected by the Wi-Fi Console.

Here is a User Guide that contains a detailed description.

V2.0 Is Available Now !

With Many Exciting New Features

Is the screen size for your Android device too small for a professional wireless survey on a large floor plan? No worries. You can now zoom in and out, or drag a floor plan like a Google map so screen size is no longer a restriction.

Want to generate a report with all of details of your survey as well as a great summary? And want to view the report right away? With the new feature of "pdf report and view", you can do just that with just a simple click.

Want to save a survey to a database on your device for retrieval later? You can do this too! Download V2.0 and enjoy many new features that make this efficient tool even more powerful.

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Wi-Fi Console Lite for Android-Free

The Lite Version of WiTuners Wi-Fi Console is free for everyday use on Android phones and tablets. Unlike many other mobile applications, it is completely free of advertisements too. 

If you are at a Wi-Fi hotspot, a hotel, a restaurant, or a campus and wondering which Wi-Fi to connect to, WiTuners Wi-Fi Console Lite is for you. 

Setting up a new Wi-Fi network? WiTuners Wi-Fi Console Lite also recommends the best channels. If you find your existing Wi-Fi network slow, use WiTuners Wi-Fi Console and see what channels it advises. You may be happily surprised with the improvement from simply switching to an advised channel.

Install the free Wi-Fi Console Lite on your Android device.

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