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WLAN Performance Management Solutions - WiTuners Fundamentals

What is WiTuners?

WiTuners™ is a cost-effective pure software solution for performance management of large scale Wi-Fi networks. Its WLAN planning and automated real-time Wi-Fi performance tuning is the first of its kind in industry that keeps wireless networks optimal, AT ALL TIMES.

What are WiTuners' WLAN Performance Management Solutions?

WiTuners™ WLAN performance management solutions include a set of desirable WLAN software to plan and maintain wireless networks to their maximal capacity, including:

  • DOP - the advanced Wi-Fi planning software for Deployment Optimization Planning
  • OAO - the on-demand WLAN Performance Audit and Tuning software for On-demand Audit and Optimization
  • CAT - the Real-time WLAN Performance Audit and Optimization software for Continuous Audit and Tuning
  • MCA - a Mobile Client App. of Wi-Fi Site Survey tool for Android Tablets

Users can launch DOP, OAO, and CAT from anywhere at any time within a Java enabled web browser.

Free use on Small WLANs

Try It Now

If your wi-fi network deployment involves a large number of APs, or you need customization for your particular deployment scenarios (special radio propagation patterns, for example), please contact us at services@WiTuners.comfor a quote or more information. Or you can fill out an inquiry form to help us serve you.

If you would like to enhance your existing Wireless Management Systems by integrating WiTuners™, please feel free to contact us as well.

What is WiTuners for?

WLAN deployment planning, performance auditing and tuning is notoriously difficult, complex, time consuming and expensive, largely due to the complex nature of wi-fi technologies. In the past few years, sub-optimally deployed and maintained WLANs seemed to have survived, without too many end user complaints. Unfortunately, however, such a grace period is gone, for good. Today, with more and more Access Points deployed, more and more traffic off-loaded from cellular networks, more and more bandwidth consuming video applications running and more and more WI-Fi enabled client devices, such as tablets and smart phones, a sub-optimal WLAN is no longer tolerable any more, becoming a bottle neck of productivity for many owners of WLANs.

WiTuners, fully backed by its Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technologies, provides a solution to address this ever increasing demand. Its capability of real-optimal planning and ongoing automated true-performance based tuning clearly separates itself from existing connectivity-based WLAN solutions.

Why Choose WiTuners?

WiTuners ™ falls in the category of predictive or analytical software for Wi-Fi planning, monitoring and WLAN optimization. However, its unique approaches, features and capabilities enable it to provide much more and goes much further than those conventional off-the-shelf tools.

WiTuners™ Unique Approaches, Features and Capabilities

Focus on truly-optimal WLAN performance 
  • Advancing from conventional connectivity-only based technologies
  • Truly-optimal by correctly addressing salient factors for a WLAN from RF to MAC
  • Highly customizable for particular deployment scenarios of various performance requirements, devices properties, environment   settings, and traffic profiles
  • Powerful capability to play what-if analysis for specific user scenarios.

Automated approach for ongoing auditing and real-time optimizing WLANs
  • Advancing from conventional error-prone manual approaches for WLAN performance tuning.
  • Ease-of-mind with continuous performance auditing without needing additional man-power.
  • High fidelity of virtual deployment environment bridging to the real world wireless networks.
  • Adaptive to changing network conditions
  • Seamlessly integrated with WLAN Management Systems with SNMP without additional support.

Ease of use with a rich feature set
  • Built-in wizards to help automating common tough tasks like WLAN upgrade and Auto-deployment
  • Detailed views of various sorts to easily exam Wi-Fi performance and many effects in details
  • Real 3-D multi-floor deployment reflecting signal leak from other floors.
  • Easy placement and specifying of walls to greatly reduce the time to plan a WLAN.
  • Customizable reports for generated deployment plan.

Facts About WiTuners

Many factors contribute to a suboptimal WLAN planning. WiTuners™ carefully avoids the pitfalls with years of experience and WiTuners' advanced technologies. The results are the evidence of WiTuners' unique capabilities.

Some More Background

WLAN software on the market can be roughly classified into three categories: WLAN site survey tools, WLAN monitoring and planning tools, and WLAN management tools. WLAN monitoring and planning tools can be further grouped into three types: Predictive, Analytical, and Hybrid.

A site survey tool typically only reports the spectrum data, such as received signal strengths for each channel, and other APs' properties at particular location points, sometimes with the help of GPS capability. Use of these survey data is usually leave to Wi-Fi planners.

WiTuners™ DOP includes a WLAN site survey tool too. DOP, however, focuses more on the planning and optimization by taking the collected survey data as inputs to plan a new WLAN or audit and optimize an existing WLAN. For new deployments, WiTuners™ allows users to input desired settings to generate WLAN plans. Settings include: AP counts, optimal AP placements, optimal RF channel assignments, proper power assignments that correspond to the desired data rate, throughput, voice call capacity, coverage and coverage holes, minimal overlapping and interference, as well as other configurations. WiTuners™ is, in fact, a hybrid WLAN planning, performance auditing, and optimization software, with both predictive and analytical capabilities.

A WLAN management system typically monitors and controls the WLAN under its management by setting, applying configurations, and getting stats. It usually also implements a set of other functionality such as logging, reporting and trouble shooting, security, access control, and mobility management.

WiTuners™ is not a typical WLAN management system. It focuses more on a subset of essential WLAN management tasks, namely the WLAN planning, audit, and optimizing. It addresses one of the major difficulties a WLAN management often faces: the automation of the auditing and optimization process. This process is complemental to WLAN management systems. Therefore, WiTuners can works alone by connecting to a WLAN, or cooperates with WLAN management system through data exchanges, or can be integrated into a WLAN management system as a software module.