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Why You Need WiTuners

What are the problems?

Traffic lights

For many enterprise customers, the "all wireless office" with fully mobile workers has become a reality. However, WLAN performance, as a system, has not kept pace with increased usage models and faster data rates.

Faster data rates alone will not significantly improve overall WLAN performance, especially when voice, data, and video are the required applications. WLANs are complex systems, and many variables affect performance.
It is not uncommon for a WLAN to be operating at a fraction of its potential throughput. Surprisingly, WLAN vendors do not provide tools to detect this, let alone to repair it. WiTuners™ is the first WLAN management service commited to optimize the entire WLAN.

You have already paid for performance that you are not realizing

The actual throughput of a WLAN is never the advertised data rate of the underlying technology. For example, the top 802.11g data rate is 54 Mbps, but due to necessary overhead in the protocol, the actual throughput is at best only half as fast.
But the reality is that most WLANs are performing much worse than that! Why? Because a network comprised of more than a few access points is a complex environment for packet delivery, and non-optimized settings throughout your WLAN will drastically reduce performance.


Prepare your WLAN for voice, video, and enterprise class applications

The use of WLANs is evolving. No longer is it a back-up means of connectivity. Rather, today's mobile workforce demands throughput performance functionally equivalent to wired LANs. That was not difficult to achieve 10 years ago. But today's enterprise data requirements include much more data, streaming video, and voice traffic. In response, WLAN standards and equipment have grown in raw data rates, from 11 Mbps to 54 Mbps, and now 300 Mbps or more with 802.11n.

But raw speed alone is not a solution. Consider that your average automobile can reach speeds of 100 MPH. That does not necessarily enable a faster commute time. Instead, the actual time it takes to make your commute is almost entirely dependent on traffic laws, available roads, and other traffic that has to share the road.

WiTuners™ is like an omnipotent traffic planner that can open new roadways, increase the speed limits, time traffic lights, and make all traffic move at optimum speeds. In the WLAN, there are many options for improving WLAN throughput. WiTuners™ can enable your enterprise data to flow 100% faster in many cases.

Find out what your WLAN management tool does not do for you

Wireless management tools do not optimize your WLAN. Instead, they provide services for the administrator to easily apply settings, and they often provide RF "heat maps". These heat maps are a tool for estimating the complex issue of RF signal propagation. Ultimately, that leads to better decisions for access point placement and for channel assignment.

But the existing tools stop there. They do not optimize the WLAN as a whole. Consequently, many WLANs provide poor performance, often yielding throughput at 50% of what should be realized, along with difficulty for the users to connect and roam. There are a wealth of optimization parameters available in any WLAN, although it is impossible for a human to adjust those parameters manually in an effective manner. WiTuners™ is a unique service that solves this complex problem through advanced, innovative technology.

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