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Overview of WiTuners' Click & Tuned WLAN Optimization Solution

WiTuners' Click & Tuned WLAN Optimization Solution is a cost-effective software suite for performance optimization of business WLANs. Its optimal WLAN planning and automated real-time Wi-Fi performance tuning is the first of its kind in the industry that keeps wireless networks optimal, AT ALL TIMES .

Wi-Fi Performance Management Solutions with WiTuners Wi-Fi Site Survey, Wi-Fi Planning, WLAN Optimization and Wi-Fi Audit and Tuning Software

Backed with WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology, WiTuners addresses many challenges unique to today's wireless networks. Unlike other Wi-Fi performance management solutions that only "see" and display Wi-Fi performance metrics but provide little help on how to improve the situations, WiTuners' automated continuous audit and tuning is capable of of "THINKING" and "ACTING" to create optimal configuration, alert WLAN administrators, and even apply optimization to WLANs in real-time when being configured so.

More About WiTuners

Read a case study on how WiTuners, with its unique capabilities, helps a major airport discover the underlying cause of a persistent and mysterious issue with Wi-Fi performance in their lounges.

WiTuners is usually sold through its MSPP Partners, who are qualified WLAN firms reselling WiTuners and provide training and technical support to WiTuners users. On small WLANs, however, it is free. You can click on any "Free Evaluation" button in this site to launch and try it for yourself.

If you need customization for your particular deployment scenarios, or you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at 1-888-346-6964. You can also fill out an Inquiry Form for us to serve you.


WiTuners™ Key Differentiators

  • Requires ZERO additional costs, changes or support of existing WLAN infrastructure

  • Applies WiTuners' True-performance Based Wi-Fi Tuning Technology for a good Wi-Fi user experience

  • Keeps WLANs running at their maximal capacities, At All Times, and significantly cuts WLAN owners' operating cost with automated continuous audit and tuning

  • Proactively alerts WLAN administrators to avoid expensive performance issues before they occur

  • Trend Analysis enables WLAN owners to identify usage changes and plan ahead of time

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WiTunners Wi-Fi planning software


WiTuners Planner

If you are planning a new WLAN deployment, WiTuners Planner provides you with a cost-effective yet powerful Wi-Fi planning tool to fit your needs and deployment scenarios.

Unlike conventional Wi-Fi planning tools that only take into account of Wi-Fi connectivity or coverage, WiTuners Planner focuses on WLAN capacity and performance supported by many unique features. Its innovative "Virtual Site Survey" capability allows you to see the how a Wi-Fi client of your interested type experiences and performs at any location on a floor map. It is real 3-dimensional for multiple floor deployment, showing "shadow Access Points" from other floors and counting their interferences.

WiTuners PLanner enables you to input your customer settings, such as special radio propagation patterns, to generate customized deployment plans. The generated deployment plan is also optimized for given customized performance goals. Optimization goals can be tailored for any mix of data, voice, and video, required number of supported Wi-Fi clients and their types, and performance requirement specification.
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WiTunners Wi-Fi auditing software


WiTuners On-Demand

Wondering why your WLAN performs poorly?

Launch WiTuners, connect it, perform an on-demand audit and tuning, and enjoy the improvement

WiTuners On-demand software audits the performance of your existing WLANs when you need it. With WiTuners On-Demand, you can check whether your WLAN is operating as well as it should be, and identify sub-optimally configured APs that are marked for your attention.

You can start by loading your current deployment plan into WiTuners On-Demand software and connecting WiTuners Optimizer to your WLAN with SNMP. WiTuners On-Demand then audits the performance of your WLAN, collects performance statistics, such as overall WLAN throughput, voice call capacities, etc, and precisely predicts WLAN capacity of the interested performance metrics based on the configuration and statistics of the real-world WLAN, compares the predictions with the statistics, and finally alerts the administrators when the statistics approach the predicted capacity. WiTuners On-Demand will proposes new configuration that optimizes the WLAN performance and increases its capacity.
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Wi-Fi Optimization

WiTuners Connected

Is Wi-Fi mission critical to your business?

WiTuners Connected, a proactive Wi-Fi performance management solution, is for you. It goes one step beyond WiTuners On-Demand by continuously, instead of on an on-demand basis, monitoring and analyzing the performance of your WLANs in real time. WiTuners Connected issues alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded and will generate a optimal new configuration plan. This, along with the Trend Analysis capability, keeps your WLAN network in optimum performance at all times.

Such optimization can be applied in real-time and automatically, if desired, to greatly reduce the burden on WLAN administrators. Alternatively, WLAN administrator can manually apply the optimization with a single mouse click. Either way WLAN administrators are relieved of the impossible mission of manually tuning a large set of Wi-Fi configuration parameters which are error-prone and often disruptive to a WLAN.
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Wi-Fi Site Survey with Mobile Devices

WiTuners Mobile

For long, Wi-Fi professionals have to carry a heavy laptop to walk about in the field to perform Wi-Fi site survey. Such a burden is gone, for good, with WiTuners Mobile.

WiTuners Mobile is the industry's first Mobile Client Application (MCA) of Wi-Fi Site Survey making full use of large screen sizes and touch screen capability of the latest Android Tablets, enables Wi-Fi professionals to perform site survey, detect rogue APs, record survey results,and generate survey reports with the ease of just holding a Tablet.
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