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Main Window        







Main Window


WiTuners' user interface is comprised of a main window  of several areas and right click pop-up menu


System Menu Bar


It is a system menu bar located across the top of the Main Window to access WiTuners main functions - Project, Planner, On-Demand, Connected, Site Survey, Cloud, Report, Settings and Help.


Deployment Window


It is the main area for planning a deployment. It displays the deployment plan of the current floor where users can add APs, set their properties, move them around, put up walls, set their properties, set deployment area, display floor map and many other operations for planning a deployment.



Deployment Tree and Search for APs Window


It is located on the left of the Deployment Window. It is a collapsible Floor Navigation Tree containing multiple sites, floors and the APs on them. It allows users to add or delete a site or floor, move from floor to floor, select and/or move APs on each floor. Users can also select specific search criteria for APs.


          Configuration and Statistics Window


It is located to the right-bottom of the Deployment Window. Depends on the current selection of the Deployment Tree or the Deployment Window, it displays the detailed properties of current selected components such as a floor or an AP, or display the chart showing the ongoing performance of the selected AP vs time.


Running Status Bar


It shows the system running status including which operation is running, database connection, and FTP server connection status.


Right Click Pop-up MenusPop-up System Menu


It is a quick way to access major functions of WiTuners. If at any time one wants to execute one of the WiTuners commands, right click anywhere on the Window and a pop-up system menu will appear.