WiTuners Dashboard

WiFi Managed Services Software – Optimizes Multiple WLANs from a Single Screen

WiTuners Dashboard is managed services software for WiFi networks performance optimization. It is the only WLAN optimization software for Managed Service Providers (MSP) on the market.

Enables MSPs to expand their managed service offers to WLAN performance optimization

WLAN MSPs use this managed services software for WiFi performance optimization to remotely optimize multiple WLANs of various vendors in multiple locations and organizations simultaneously through a unified view. Better yet, our managed services software for WiFi optimization enables WLAN MSPs to search for a WLAN under their management, track the history of the configuration and performance data of a WLAN, compare configurations of a WLAN at two-time points, and rollback the configuration of a WLAN to a history point.

Elevates the resources of WLAN MSPs to an unprecedented level

Unlike conventional managed services software for WiFi networks which are limited to configuration setting and getting statistics, WiTuners Dashboard utilizes WiTuners Optimizer to actually generate the optimized configuration for WiFi MSPs, helping to streamline the process and reduce error-prone manual processes.

Maximizes operational efficiency for MSPs

WiFi MSPs often need to switch from one customer’s WLAN to the next. With our managed services software for WiFi optimization, WiFi MSPs no longer need to login to individual systems for each client. They can monitor all their client’s WLANs at the same time, and in the same way. WiFi MSPs can also avoid cross-training operations center staff on multiple vendor-specific WLAN management systems, which improves the efficiency and profitability of managing multiple customer WiFi networks using APs from different WLAN vendors.

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  • Provides a unified view to optimize multiple WiFi networks, regardless the underlying WLAN equipment
  • Instantly launches an instance of WiTuners Connected for any given network
  • Eliminates the need to purchase, operate and cross-train staff on multiple management systems
  • Rapid search allows staff to quickly find the right WiFi networks, which streamline support calls
  • Enables configuration comparisons, configuration roll-back and “what-if” analysis

Unique Features of WiTuners Dashboard

Managed Services Software for Performance Optimization of Mutiple WiFi Networks

WiFi MSP can control instances of WiTuners Connected for multiple WLANs by various vendors from a single screen, and optimizes multiple WLANs at the same time.

Information and history of instances are kept in a database to be retrieved and launched later with this managed services software for WiFi performance.

WLAN MSP can track, compare and rollback configurations of a managed WLAN to a past time point.

WiFi MSP can share dashboard views of managed WLANs with owners of wireless networks.

Control multiple instances of WiTuners Connected

WiTuners Dashboard controls multiple instances of WiTuners Connected from a single screen. Each WiTuners Connected instance monitors and optimizes a WLAN by connecting to a wireless controllers, which can be from various supported vendors.

  • Create, launch, close, and bring up to the front instances of WiTuners Connected from a single screen
  • Display in real time the status, critical stats, and alerts for each instance
  • Utility to specify controllers under management
  • Launch instances of WITuners Connected for all controllers under management and start monitoring WLANs for all the instances with one click
  • Capable of directly inquiring a managed WLAN for in-depth details
  • Support for controllers by multi-Vendors, a must-have capability for WiFi MSP to optimize multiple WLANs by various vendors at the same time

Search for instances of WiTuners Connected under management

WiTuners Dashboard has powerful search capability. It enables MSPs to quickly search for a specific WLAN from among hundreds of managed WiFi networks.  While information of instances, logs and users of the Dashboard are stored in a database, WLAN MSPs are able to stream line support calls. Click on any instance of the monitored WLANs, it immediately launches the instance of the WiTuners Connected for WiFi performance optimization, instantly providing visibility of WLAN utilization and enabling real-time optimization.

  • Search for an instance of a managed WLAN by various criteria and launch it with ease.
  • Search for logs of stats, alerts, errors, status, critical operations of an instance by various criteria and filters.

Track history of WiTuners Connected instances under management

The managed services software for WiFi performance has powerful history tracking capability for MSPs to compare current and previous configurations of a managed WLAN, and even roll-back to an earlier state.

  • Search for history of an instance
  • Display configurations and performance statistics of APs and clients for an instance at past times
  • Compare WLAN configurations at various time points
  • Rollback WLAN configurations to a past time point for recovery

Support for multiple tenants

  • Encode and Decode Multi-tenant Key

Multi-tenant capability allows WiFi MSP to share dashboard views with their clients. The clients will see the same information as the WiFi MSP, but with limited operation capability of this managed services software for WiFi performance optimization.

  • WLAN MSP can share views with multiple tenants
  • Each tenant can only view its WLANs, with limited operation capability
  • Setup is easy and secure with authentication using combined tenant key and license key