WiTuners Connected

WiFi Monitoring Tool Keeping your WLAN Tuned at All Times

wituners_connectedWiTuners Connected is a subscription based WiFi monitoring software as a service that keeps business wireless networks running at their peak performance at all time, 24 by 7.  It runs on WiTuners Optimizer, the same software for WiTuners Planner and WiTuners On-Demand.

A conventional WiFi monitoring software usually only displays WLAN statistics, but will not tell issues, let alone provide any solutions. WiTuners Connected is different. It does more. In addition to “seeing” the WLAN performance, It “thinks” and provides optimization solutions in real time. It can even “acts” to automatically apply the optimization to the WiFi networks if the WLAN controller permits.

As a result, your business WLANs are always running at their maximum capacity, which leads to less disruption of WLANs, increased customer satisfaction rate, better end user experience and higher productivity.

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WiTuners Connected continuously monitors WLAN performance by connecting to the wireless controller through SNMP. This WiFi monitoring software feeds the retrieved statistics into the WLAN Optimization Engine within the WiFi monitoring software, which compares the WiFi performance statistics with the WLAN capacity it predicts. Alerts will be triggered when the statistics exceeds pre-defined thresholds. What distinguishes WiTuners Connected from the rest of conventional WiFi monitoring software, however, is its unique capability of providing solutions in real time to improve WLAN capacity. 

Reads more about the technical background.

Always-on Automated WLAN Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Peace of Mind and More Productivity for Business WLANs

Monitor WLAN Performance 24 by 7

"Sees" how the WLAN performs, like any other WiFi monitoring software do and display the data in charts and tables dynamically.

Proactive Alerts on Performance Issues

Alert the administrator about a WLAN performance degradation before it affects productivity.

Automated Solutions in Real Time

While other WiFi monitoring software can only "see" the WLAN, WiTuners Connected has the unique capability of "thinking" to provide solutions in real time when an alert is triggered.

Unique Insight into WLANs

Site Survey is often inadequate and misleading for a built-in pitfall: it only shows half of the Wi-Fi, the signals from AP to client devices, but problems are usually in another half. WiTuners Connected makes the view complete.

Trend Analysis for Planning Changes

While the WiFi performance data is well kept in a database, the past data can be retrieved for a trend analysis. Reviewing how the Wi-Fi traffic has changed over a period of time can help you better plan a future change accordingly.

Customized WiFi Monitoring Results and Reports

Detailed WiFi monitoring results and reports show you not only the WLAN performance, but also the optimization to be applied along with the achievable improvement.

free trial wifi performance optimization

Monitor WiFi Performance 24 by 7, Remotely

Like WiTuners On-Demand, this WiFi monitoring software inquiries wireless controllers via the standard SNMP protocol. It does periodically so that it continuously collects the real world WLAN performance data and displays them in various views.

  • Uses standard SNMP so that our WiFi monitoring software requires no additional software support,  no additional hardware support and no WLAN infrastructure changes.
  • Shows the real time WLAN performance of  individual APs or the overall wireless networks in both charts and tables in various metrics, such throughput, noise level, signal noise ratio, received signal strength, number of clients and channel utilization.
  • Shows the real time WLAN performance of  individual client devices in tables with the support of the controllers.
  • Takes and saves snapshots of WLAN performance at any time for tracking specific issues.
  • Search for an AP or a client device on various criteria to view its configurations and its performance dynamically.
  • This WiFi monitoring software keeps the performance data and AP configurations in a database so that they can be retrieved later for history tracking.

Proactive Alerts on WLAN Performance Issues

The Optimization Engine within WiTuners Optimizer dynamically predicts the WLAN capacity based on the ever changing WLAN conditions.  It continuously compares the real-time WiFi performance stats with the predicted capacity. When the stats exceeds the pre-defined thresholds, which is in terms of a percentage of the capacity, an alert is triggered based on WiFi diagnostics, and the administrator is notified via emails or texting messages. Since the thresholds are set below the capacity, the alerts are proactive in that it is triggered before the performance degradation starts to affect the WiFi performance.

  • Customizable thresolds can be set on various WiFi performance metrics such as  throughput, supported client capacity, channel utilization and inactive or dead APs
  • Coming with alerts are details including the causes, the alerted values,  and the triggered thresholds etc.
  • Alerts are kept in a database to be retrieved later.
  • One can set up standard Email or texting messages for receiving alerts.

Provides Solutions Automated in Real Time

When an alert is triggered, the WLAN Optimization Engine will perform WLAN optimization on the virtual WLAN within the software and provides the optimized configurations in real-time. Such WLAN tuning will usually increase the WLAN capacity which in turn will raise the WiFi performance warning levels. As a result, it will bring down the stats below the thresholds.

  • Set customized WLAN tuning goals in the WiFi monitoring software
  • Provide optimized solutions on the types of triggered alerts. Optimization is across multiple network layers, including changing AP’s channel and transmission powers, MAC parameters, PHY changes and  recommendations of changing AP locations  and adding or deleting APs.
  • For supported controllers, you can choose to apply the optimization automatically applied to the controllers via SNMP write.
  • The optimization comes with alerts so that a solution is handy, just one click away

Unique Insight into WLANs

Combining with WiTuners Mobile,  The WiFi monitoring software provides views of WLANs that are unavailable with conventional WiFi monitoring software, for example, comparison of up-link and down-link signals for a client device.

  • Display in real time the up-link received signal strength for client devices, combined with the down-link received signal strengths reported by continuous site survey by WITuners Mobile.
  • Playback up-link received signal strength for client devices, combined with the down-link received signal strengths reported by continuous site survey by WITuners Mobile.
  • Show performance of selected APs in real-time
  • Show performance of selected client devices in real-time
  • Locate an AP on the floor map by searching for it with various criteria.

Trend Analysis for Reviewing and Planning WLAN Changes

Some serious network problems may be intermittent or otherwise difficult to catch. WiTuners’ Trend Analysis feature allows the network administrator to selectively record system variables while the system is operating. When an audit alert occurs, the recorded data can facilitate analysis and help solve hard to catch WiFi performance problems. Such trend analysis provides a valuable guide on how you should plan to change your WLANs to accommodate the traffic trend.

  • Selectively record the performance data into a database when running continuous WiFi monitoring and tuning.
  • Perform trend analysis by retrieving and showing in charts past WiFi performance for the WLAN and the APs including many metrics such as
    • throughput
    • noise level
    • signal noise ratio
    • received signal strength
    • number of clients
    • channel utilization
  • Adjustable sampling setup for both recording and retrieving data:
    • scan frequency
    • time periods
    • data modes in average, minimum, maximum values

Customized Reports for WiFi monitoring and Tuning

WiFi monitoring results, alerts, solutions of optimized configurations, and the achievable improvements are displayed in a number of ways. You can also customize WiFi monitoring reports for WiFi diagnostics details of the WiFi monitoring and WLAN tuning.

  • Current performance of the WLAN, the APs and the clients in various metrics.
  • Current configurations of the APs.
  • Optimized AP configurations.
  • Achievable performance improvement by applying the optimization.
  • Details and summary of the alerts of issues during the WiFi monitoring.
  • Alerts of issues that can be resolved with the WLAN tuning.
  • Customizable WiFi monitoring reports in PDF

Technology Background

WiFi networks conditions change, so should your WLANs, effortlessly

WiFi Audit

WiTuners Connected observes environmental and performance statistics retrieved from WLAN controllers or WLAN management systems through SNMP. WiTuners Connected thereby “sees” how the network behaves, as other WiFi monitoring software does. But the similarity stops here.

WiTuners Connected goes on to “think” or predicts how changes in the configurations of APs will affect WiFi performance. It first predicts the capacity of the wireless networks based on the ever changing data of the real world WLAN it retrieves from the WLAN controller. A threshold level can be set below the predicted capacity. When the threshold is exceeded, an alert is triggered that things may start to go bad in the real world. And the WiFi monitoring software will notify the WLAN administrator. Once he receives an alert, something must be done: selecting a set of optimal AP settings from a very large combination of changing variables. This has to be done quickly – fast enough before the WiFi performance degradation starts to affect the business.

Can the administrator really perform WiFi diagnostics and tune the WLAN optimally and promptly, assuming he is skilled and experienced? Perhaps yes, but only for very small size of WLANs. For large sizes of WLANs which are common for enterprises, it is unfortunately mission impossible for human beings, because of the computational complexity coming with the non-polynomial nature of the optimization problem itself, the risk of  tuning WiFi performance to worse rather than better due to the error prone trial-and-error approach, and the requirement of acting quickly. Then is there a solution?

Yes, thanks to WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology, our WiFi monitoring software, WiTuners Connected, can help. It takes on this difficult task and reduce the risk of human error. The WiFi network administrator is therefore freed from worrying about the formidable task of manually tuning a WiFi network and the potential damage from making the wrong choices. He can either click on the “Optimize” button in response to an alert box or, better yet, let WiTuners Connected apply optimizations in real-time if the controller permits.

With this WiFi monitoring software, organizations whose wireless networks is mission critical will find that WiFi network disruption is greatly reduced and customer satisfaction increased. End users will experience better connectivity, have a better wireless experience with faster connects, resulting in improved worker productivity. IT OPEX is reduced and unnecessary network equipment purchases avoided.