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install WiTuners WiFi Site Survey on Android Tablet

WiFi Site Survey Without Pain

WiTuners Mobile

WiFi Site Survey can be fun, too

You don’t have to
painful WiFi site survey suffer from pain in your arms and shoulders by holding a laptop for hours
painful WiFi site survey worry about your laptops running out of battery during survey
painful WiFi site survey risk losing hours of site survey data without an automated backup
painful WiFi site survey pay thousands of dollars for a site survey tool
All you need is an android tablet loaded with WiTuners Mobile

WiFi Site Survey using WiTuners Mobile enables users to walk the floor and capture signal strength data from all APs in the environment at any number of positions on the floor plan. It provides with the following common WiFi site survey functionality as well as many additional unique features that make this market’s first interactive WiFi site survey software a powerful business enabler.

What distinguishes WiTuners Mobile from other WiFi site survey tools is a set of unique features that makes it a powerful business enabler.

6 Key Features of this WiFi site survey software for

More Insight into Wireless Networks

Support for Remote Projects

You don’t have to leave your office to perform a WiFi site survey. Anyone, even thousands of miles away in a remote site, without any knowledge of WiFi site survey, can collect survey data for you.

Continuous WiFi Site Survey

Wi-Fi performance often varies with time. Continuous Site Survey collects survey data automatically for a period of time at any location. Leave your table there, you can watch the survey results in your office, in real-time.

Notes, Photos, and Attachments

Want to take notes for specific details of the survey environment? WiTuners Mobile makes it easy to take photos and screenshots during a site survey, and make them, as well as any attachments of video, audio etc., as a part of WiFi site survey results and reports.

Rogue AP Detection

Rogue Access Points present a real security threat to WiFi networks. WiTuners Mobile detects and reports Rogue APs. WiFi site survey professionals in the field are therefore alerted to check further and take actions accordingly.

WLAN Performance Assessment

WiTuners Mobile enables WiFi professionals to assess WLAN performance with active WiFi site survey. One can conveniently test speed and latency of WiFi communications to verify predictive WLAN plans or performance improvement after applying a WLAN optimization.

Support for Spectrum Analyzer

Inserting a Meta Geek Wi-Spy DBX spectrum analyzer dongle into an Android Tablet, you will view the nearby RF spectrum with WiTuners Mobile. This capability provides with in-depth details of a Wi-Fi environment at any location, which is especially useful for identifying RF interferences.

Custumizable Professional Reports


The reports not only include the collected survey data in various forms, but also reveal in a number of ways the areas of issues and assess the performance of wireless networks against the requirements. You can easily customize reports to meet the requirements of your clients or projects and generate a professional site survey report in PDF.

Customize wifi site survey report cover page
  1. Customizable with your own cover images
  2. Customizable with your project information
  3. Customizable with your company or clients’ logos
Multi-floor deployment wifi survey report
  1. Table of Content for quick access of your particular survey information
  2. Comprehensive details for the site survey results
  3. Support for Wi-Fi site  survey of multiple floors whose reports can be several hundred pages.
Customer-ready pass/fail assessment reports
  1. Floor maps details for the report
  2. Shows not only the collected data, but also the Wi-Fi performance against the performance requirements
  3. Wi-Fi performance requirements entered by users
  4. Filters entered by users for displaying information, detail levels and criteria for APs to be included in the report.
site survey report wifi coverage SNR and Performance heat maps
  1. Visually showing WiFi site survey result as well as WiFi performance assessment in various configurable heat-maps.
  2. The capability of taking notes enable users to record any specific details of the WiFi environments as a part of WiFi site survey results.

Continuous Site Survey

You can set the start time, end time and frequency for the continuous WiFi site survey. Then leave the Android Tablet with WiTuners Mobile at a particular location. The software will automatically collects survey data. If you have WiTuners Planner and the Android has access to the Internet, you can even watch the WiFi site survey data displayed in charts on WiTuners.

  • WiFi site survey data shows in charts
  • Stats of maximum, mean, minimum, and the latest data are also shown in a table in real-time
  • You can watch the charts in real-time remotely with WiTuners Planner.

Support for Multi-floor Remote Projects

When working with WiTuners Planner, support for remote projects can significantly cut time and cost for large WiFi projects involving many remote sites.

  • Support for multiple floors
  • Download a multiple floor WiFi plan created with WiTuners Planner with a 1-click code.  The floor maps, map scales, and the WiFi site survey points can all be predefined in the WLAN plan.
  • Walk about on the floor and tap on the predefined points to collect survey points without needing any Wi-Fi knowledge
  • Take photos, screen shots and notes whenever needed and they will be automatically included in the WiFi site survey results
  • Save the WiFi site survey results and they will be automatically uploaded into the cloud.
  • WiTuners Planner can fetch the results with a click.

Active Site Survey

Active Survey reveals network connectivity and performance from user’s perspective by measuring throughput, jitters,  packet loss etc.

  • Support for active survey by one of  iPerf, Ping and FTP
  • Measure throughput, jitters, packet loss etc from user’s perspective
  • Use your own servers or built-in servers
  • Support for both continuous and one-time modes
  • Show results in real-time and moving averages in charts and tables
  • Save results in customization report in PDF

Notes, Photo and Attachments

The capability of taking notes enable users to record any specific details of the WiFi environments as a part of WiFi site survey results. So even if you are not in a remote field to perform WiFi site survey yourself, you have a means to know well  the WiFi environment.

  • Click the note icon to take notes by entering some text.
  • Any files on the tablet can be an attachment of a note,  no matter they are audio, video, or  images.
  • Better yet,  one can take pictures on the spot which will be automatically included in a note.
  • Notes and the attached photos etc. can be viewed as a part of site survey results on WiTuners Mobile and WiTuners Planner.

Support for Spectrum Analyzer

View nearby RF spectrum and identify interferences with WiTuners Mobile by inserting a Meta Geek Wi-Spy DBX spectrum analyzer dongle into the Android Tablet.

  • Support for the 3rd party spectrum analyzer dongle by Meta Geek .
  • Support for both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands
  • View RSSI over time in real-time
  • Capture snapshots of the spectrum and automatically include them as a part of survey results.

Rouge AP Detection

WiTuners Mobile provides with the capability of Rogue APs detection to help you defeat this type of common security threats of WiFi networks. WiFi site survey professionals can further check whether these Rogue APs are connected to their secure network and take action accordingly once WiTuners Mobile has detected Rogue APs.

  • Import from a text file containing a list of pre-defined Rogue APs.
  • Detect Rogue APs on Wi-Fi scans and show them in red.
  • Edit the Rogue AP list by selecting APs and marking them as Rogue APs
  • Export the Rogue AP list to a text file

Interactive and Highly Configurable

Make use of large screens of Android tablets to visually display APs, WiFi site survey points and heat-maps of various types.

  • Conveniently set scales of floor maps by clicking any two points on the map and entering the distance.
  • Change scales of floor maps and see the changes in heat-maps immediately.
  • Easily place detected APs or change their locations by dragging and dropping them on the floor map.
  • Click on an AP icon to see its properties or connect your device to it.
  • Click on any WiFi site survey point and see the detected APs and their signal strengths.
  • Zoom in and out for details of an area on the floor map.
  • Automatically place detected APs on the floor map based on WiFi site survey.

WLAN Performance Assessment

WiTuners Mobile provides assessment of WiFi performance in a number of ways through both passive and active WiFi site survey.

  • Assess WiFi performance via Active WiFi site survey testing connection speed and traffic latency.
  • Throughput prediction based on WiFi site survey results.
  • Showing coverage holes in heat maps.
  • Heat-map of WiFi performance quality in WiFi site survey reports.
  • Grade WiFi performance against user requirements in WiFi site survey reports.
  • 1-click connect to an AP when you are checking the advised AP, the WiFi Views, or the properties of an AP

WiFi Heatmaps for WiFi Site Survey Results and Performance of Wireless Networks

Visually showing WiFi site survey result as well as WiFi performance assessment in various configurable heat-maps.

  • Heat-maps for received signal strength
  • Heat-maps for signal noise ratio
  • Heat-maps for predicted throughput
  • Heat-maps for predicted quality of service
  • Heat-maps for Wi-Fi performance against user requirements

Various Views for Wireless Networks

A number of WiFi  views showing information of the wireless networks from various angles with continuous WiFi scans.

  • The view of APs on the floor map with estimated locations of APs
  • The view of APs  in a popup where you can select an AP to connect or disconnect.
  • The view of AP signal strength per channel in real-time
  • The view of the number of APs per channel in real-time
  • The view of AP signal strength
  • The view of Rogue APs
  • Advises the best APs and channels to connect to for the tablet

Features Supported in Free and Paid Versions

  • Features
  • Site Survey
  • Channel Scan
  • Heat-map
  • Connect to a selected AP
  • Advise the best channel and AP to connect,
  • Support multiple formats of floor map images
  • Show AP locations with triangulation
  • Show nearby Wi-Fi in various views
  • WLAN Performance Assessment
  • Rogue AP Detection
  • Generate detailed site survey reports
  • Notes and Attachments
  • Continuous Site Survey
  • Remote Project Support
  • Spectrum Analyzer Support
  • Free Version
  • Yes, limited to 5 points
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes, limited to 5 mins
  • No
  • Yes
  • Paid Version
  • Yes, no limit
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes, No limits
  • Yes
  • Yes

Requirements for WiTuners Mobile

WiTuners Mobile runs on Android tablets. Its apk size is about 8 MB.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 System Requirements
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 or higher,
  • Display: 1280 x 675 pix (10 inch tablets) or higher recommended.
  • Database: the standard SQLite coming with the OS on android devices.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Supported Floor Maps Formats
  • File formats: BMP/GIF/JPEG/PNG
  • File size: 16 megapixels or smaller recommended


  • Support  for 5 GHz depends on the device capability.
  • Running on Android smart phones is not recommended due to their limitations of display sizes and processing powers.