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WiTuners Mobile

WiTuners Mobile is the market first interactive Site Survey App that leverages the large screens of Android Tablets.  It is cost effective yet very powerful must-have software for Wi-Fi professionals to perform daily tasks such as site survey, WLAN performance measurement, rogue AP detection, identify nearby Wi-Fi networks and ping a connected AP etc.

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WiTuners Planner 50-AP Edition

WiTuners Planner creates optimal WLAN deployment plans with maximum capacity for enterprise WLANs. It comes with many automation features to generate a deployment plan for large Wi-Fi networks easy and fast. Its analytic capabilities show users in-depth details of WLAN plans’ performance. WiTuners Planner also enables users to perform what-if analysis of their WLANs with ease. This edition supports planning Wi-Fi networks up to 50 APs.

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WiTuners Planner Unlimited Edition

This edition has no limit to the number of APs in deployment plans.

WiTuners On-Demand

WiTuners On-Demand provides on-demand performance checkup, optimization recommendation, on-spot WLAN performance tuning, and WLAN audit reports. The license is on a per day per controller basis. Available only with the WiTuners Planner unlimited license.

WiTuners Connected

WiTuners Connected provides continuous automatic real time auditing and tuning for enterprise WLANs, trend analysis, and proactive performance alerts. Available only with the WiTuners Planner unlimited license.

WiTuners Dashboard

WiTuners Dashboard enables WLAN Managed Service Providers to audit and optimize the performance of business WLANs of various vendors in hundreds of locations from a single screen. It is also capable of searching for WLANs and tracking their history of configurations and performance