WiTuners On-Demand

Troubleshooting WiFi and Optimizing WLAN Whenever Needed

WiTuners Product on-demand

WiTuners On-Demand is a software as a service for WiFi optimization, which makes WLANs run at their maximum capacity whenever needed.

WiFi companies use this SaaS to audit WLAN performance for their customers and tell them what changes should be made and how much can be improved with the changes. All is done with a few clicks without requiring any changes  in wireless network infrastructure or any additional hardware. Whenever needed,  WiTuners On-Demand  can perform such one-time “physical checkup” of a WLAN for WiFi issues and obtain a “prescription” for improvement as well.

WiTuners On-Demand runs on WiTuners Optimizer, the same software for WiTuners Planner. It connects to WLAN controllers using SNMP to retrieve configuration and statistics of APs and client devices. The WiFi Optimization Engine within the software takes the data to form a Virtual WLAN that mimics the real world WLAN. It then identifies the issues, calculates the current WiFi performance capacity, optimizes the configurations in the Virtual WLAN and predicts performance improvement with the WiFi optimization. It also creates a customized report showing details of the current WLAN performance, the potential WiFi performance improvement along with a set of recommended configuration parameters.

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Unique Features of WiTuners On-Demand

Check Health of Wireless Networks and Provide WiFi Optimization Solutions

Audit WLAN performance with a click by connecting to a Wireless Controller using SNMP.

The WiFi optimization software as a service generates optimized configurations for you, which is vastly superior to error-prone non-scalable approaches of tuning WLAN performance manually.

A software only solution for WiFi optimization requiring no setup, no infrastructure changes and no additional hardware.

Support majority of business WLANs using a vendor neutral standard based approach

Health check on business WLANs

Open WiTuners Optimizer, enter the SNMP credentials of the WLAN controller, and click. That’s all you need to do to audit WLAN performance.

  • Show WiFi performance and performance assessment of APs and the overall wireless network
  • Show WiFi performance of client devices
  • The status stats and WiFi performance, including metrics such as throughput, QoS score, dead or active APs
  • View WiFi performance of selected APs or client devices on a number of criteria
  • Customized performance audit reports show AP configurations and WiFi performance stats

Provide optimized configurations for maximum capacity

Unlike common radio resource management, WiTuners optimizes configurations across multiple network layers, not just limited to RF only. It ensures more capacity and less maintenance for a WLAN  with an accurate WiFi optimization that takes into account the most comprehensive list of factors that affects the performance of wireless networks. The WiFi performance requirement and the WiFi optimization goal is customizable so that the WiFi optimization is tailed to your special needs.

  • Take many factors that affect WLAN performance into account of WiFi optimization
  • WiFi Optimization goals are customizable such as
    • maximum overall system throughput
    • maximum per AP throughput
    • least coverage holes
    • best QoS score
    • least number of APs
  • Configurations to be optimized include
    • AP channel
    • transmission power
    • min Phy rate
    • MAC QOS Parameters
    • least number of APs
  • WiFi optimization can also include add and delete APs or change their locations
  • WiFi optimization results include not only the optimized configurations, but also the improvement with them and how they compare with the WiFi performance requirement
  • Select various scopes of APs to optimize: APs on all the floors, APs on a particular floor, or a set of selected APs

WiFi optimization with WiTuners provides best WLAN performance because it is accurate by taking the most comprehensive list of factors into account of WiFi optimization which  includes:

  • AP properties
  • Client device properties
  • Path loss for various WiFi environment
  • RF signals leaked from APs or client devices on other floors
  • Signal attenuation of walls and floors
  • Types of wireless traffic
  • Hidden nodes effect
  • Interfering APs

Ease of use software only solution

WiTuners On-Demand is a software only solution for WiFi optimizaiton.  You don’t need to install any hardware or make any changes to your  wireless networks. All you need is:

  • IP Access to the wireless controller, either within the firewall or using VPN
  • SNMP community name and port number of the wireless controller
  • connected controller SNMP in WiFi Monitoring Software

Vendor neutral and standard based

  • SNMP through VPN connection in wifi optimization

WiTuners On-Demand for WiFi optimization leverage existing SNMP support by wireless controllers.  It uses the standard SNMP protocol to inquiry a wireless controller for the configurations and statistics of APs and Client devices under the control of the controller. It is vendor neutral in that it uses the same protocol to communicate with wireless controllers by various vendors.

  • Support majority of business WLANs, currently  including
    • Cisco
    • Aruba
    • Ruckus
    • H3C
    • Juniper
    • Enterasys
    • Motorola
  • Use standard SNMP so that it requires no additional software support by the controllers.
  • Level of details and scope of data obtained from controllers vary with vendors depending on their MIBs.
  • For controllers by vendors who open SNMP writing, it is possible to directly apply the optimized configurations using SNMP write.