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WiFi Planning Software for Maximum Capacity

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WiTuners Planner is a multi-site multi-floor three-dimensional predictive WiFi Planning Software for business WLANs. Powered with a set of unique features focusing on 3 priorities:

WiTuners Planner is a business enabler for Wi-Fi companies to plan WLANs easier, faster and better.

WiTuners Planner generates optimal WLAN plans that provide more capacity and better performance, and require less maintenance, backed with WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technologies.  Read more technology background on how this WiFi planning software is capable of doing so.

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Automated WLAN Planning Wizard

creates WLAN plans for maximum capacity in a few clicks

WLAN Planning Auto Wizard in WiTuners Planner, the Wi-Fi planning software

Place and Config APs Optimally

for multiple floors and multiple sites

AP placement on multiple floors by WiTuners Planner, the Wi-Fi planning software

Heat Map and Coverage Hole Visualization

for Wi-Fi performance analysis and optimization

show WiFi heat map and coverage holes by WiTuners Planner, the Wi-Fi planning software

Site Survey and Spectrum Analysis

Site survey and spectrum analysis

Configurable 3-D Walls, Floors, Environments and APs

This WiFi Planning Software’s Unique Capabilities Enable Wi-Fi Companies to Plan WLANs

Easier, Faster and Better

Optimal WLAN Performance

WiTuners Planner creates WLAN plans that provide more capacity and require less maintenance by considering more factors that affect the WLAN performance than any other WiFi Planning Software.

Auto Planning

Auto-Planning wizard in this Wi-Fi planning software automatically creates a multi-site, multi-floor optimal WLAN plan for you in no time.

Virtual Site Survey

Check WLAN performance detail at any location on the floor map for any types of Wi-Fi devices using Virtual Site Survey, whenever needed.

What-if Analysis

Make changes to any properties of the wireless networks in the deployment plan and see their effects right away.

Database Managed WLAN Planning

Keep revisions of your WLAN plans in the database for tracking history, search, comparison and rollback a change later.

Ease of Use

A rich set of features make WiTuners Planer ease to use and fast to learn.

WiFi Planner free trial

Support for Remote Projects

Cut up to 90% of the cost of your multi-location Wi-Fi projects

Wi-Fi projects often involve many, sometimes even hundreds of remote locations. Typical examples are those for hotel chains or retail stores. Such projects usually take a very long time to complete, limited by engineering resource. They are also very costly sending engineers out to the remote locations. This WiFi planning software provides a unique capability supporting for remote projects with automation. It cuts cost and time to a fraction of conventional approaches by eliminating the need to send engineers out and allowing for working simultaneously in multiple locations.


remote project console in wifi planning software

Optimization for the Best WLAN Performance

Backed with WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology,  This WiFi planning software is able to optimize WLAN plans with a remarkable optimization speed which in turn allows for including many more factors than others into optimization. The end result is an optimal WLAN that provides more capacity and better performance, and requires less maintenance .

  • Optimization not only on RF but also on other network layers (MAC, QoS, PHY, AP locations and numbers etc.)
  • Customizable characterization of APs and client devices.
  • Customizable specification of Wi-Fi environment.
  • Customizable specification of Wi-Fi traffic load types (Data, Voice, Video, Interference)
  • Real 3-D planning accounts for signal bleed from shadow APs on other floors.
  • Real 3-D planning accounts for height of walls in signal transmission path.
  • Use real world site survey to calibrate Wi-Fi enviroment
  • Per site, per floor and per AP optimization.
  • Customizable optimization goals.
  • Customizable optimization reports showing the optimized configurations and resulting improvement.

Read more on a list of factors the WiTuners Planner optimizes.

Auto Plannning

Auto-Planning wizard guides you to enter the necessary information step by step and creates a WLAN plan that is optimized to your requirement for you with a click. You can use it for either greenfield-site planning or upgrading an existing WLAN. With Auto-planning, you can create a professional multi-site multi-floor 3 dimensional wireless in a few minutes.

  • Set the required performance goals of the WLAN
  • Load floor maps of various graphic file formats
  • Customize floor maps with scale and deployment area
  • Select or define building properties of the floor
  • Select or define your wireless network requirement
  • Select or define your AP properties from different vendors.
  • Select or define your client devices in your wireless network system
  • Specify multiple floors one by one
  • Auto-planning wizard will place the APs, calculate and set the optimal configurations for you. You can manually change or tune the created plan if you wish.

Virtual Site Survey

Virtual site survey provides with the unique analytic capability that reveals the in-depth details and performance of Wi-Fi networks at any location on the floor map relating to any Wi-Fi client device.

  • A site survey robot represents a client device which can be configured to mimic any Wi-Fi client type, such as laptops, iPhones, Android tablets etc.
  • Simply dragging and dropping or moving the robot onto a location on the floor map as if you were performing a site survey, you will see the predicted Wi-Fi performance of the client device represented by the robot.
  • Details and performance of Wi-Fi networks include both uplink and downlink received signal strengths, throughputs, and even the hidden nodes that  the client device may experience.

What-if Analysis

What-if analysis helps you to tune a WLAN plan, plan for WLAN changes or gain in-depth understanding of how some factors affect the performance of a WLAN.  Performing what-if analysis is easy with our WiFi planning software.  You can make changes to any components in the plan and see how it affects the WLAN performance right away through heat-maps or performance audit reports.  Because of this capability, WiTuners Planner is used as a teaching tool in universities for students to learn and practice WiFi planning.

  • Change AP locations or properties
  • Add or delete APs
  • Change Antenna patterns
  • Change properties of client device types
  • Change Wi-Fi environment models
  • Change floor properties
  • Change walls
  • View performance changes with virtual site surveys
  • View performance changes with heat maps of various types
  • View performance changes with AP performance dialogs
  • View performance changes with performance audit reports

Database Management for WLAN plans

WiTuners WLAN Optimization Software Suite uses MySQL database to keep data for deployment plans, site survey results and real world WLAN configurations, statistics.  This provides important functionality of history tracking of configuration and statistics, comparison, and configuration roll-back. Our WiFi planning software keeps deployment plans and site survey results into the database which makes post-processing of deployment plans and site survey ease.

  • Show revisions of a deployment plan
  • Compare differences in revisions of a deployment plan
  • Show revisions of site survey results for a deployment

Ease of Use in our WiFi planning software

  • Configure properties of APs, clients, antenna, Wi-Fi environment, walls, deployment areas
  • Define your own types of APs, clients, walls and antenna patterns
  • View WLAN performance by various heat maps
  • Detect coverage holes with this WiFi planning software
Place or add APs with drag and drop in WiFi planning software

Place or add APs with drag and drop

propertis for multiple selected access points WiFi planning software

Multiple AP selection

access point 802.11n properties in WiFi planning software

Group mode for AP placement and configuration

define wall proerties for floor map in WiFi planning software

 Wall placement and configuration

wifi planner software

Set deployment areas of irregular shapes with ease

customized wifi planner report WiFi planning software

A number of customizable reports in pdf or csv

optimization performance and configuration

Heat maps of various types showing WLAN performance

wifi planning coverage hole wifi heatmap

Coverage hole detection for both uplink and downlink

Heat maps shown in both AP views and client views WiFi planning software

Heat maps shown in both AP views and client views

Support for Remote Projects

WiTuners Planner integrates with WiTuners Mobile to support for remote projects with automation. One does not have to leave his office to complete a Wi-Fi projects for locations several thousands miles away. Multiple locations can be done at the same time. As a result, using WiTuners Remote Projects reduces both time and cost. Here is how it works:

Use WiTuners Planner in your office to

  • create a WLAN deployment plan
  • load floor maps, set scales and define the survey locations.
  • one-click upload the plan into the cloud
  • Email the user of WiTuners Mobile in the remote location the one-click upload code

The user of WiTuners Mobile

  • load the plan into WiTuners Mobile with the one-click code.
  • walk about in the site and tap on the pre-defined survey location to collect survey data and take notes or pictures along the way.
  • save and upload the results to the cloud with one click.

Use our WiFi planning software in your office to

  • fetch the survey results with a click.

Note that during the entire process, you don’t have to leave your office. The user of  our WiFi planning software does not have to be a Wi-Fi professional. Site Survey can be performed in multiple locations at the same time.

Remote Project Console is a wizard in this WiFi planning software to automate and efficiently manage Remote Projects.
For a large remote project involves many locations, such automation saves tremendous amount of time. The tasks in Remote Project it automates include:

  • Create a new remote project by importing information from a spread sheet
  • Import or create deployment plans for each site and each floor in a site
  • One click upload all the deployments in the project into the cloud and generate the one-click codes
  • One click distribute all the one-click codes to the users of WiTuners Mobile in remote locations
  • One click retrieve all the survey results
  • One click check the project status at each location
  • Search for a deployment at a location and its related information from hundreds of locations with ease

Technology Background

Not all Wi-Fi deployment plans are created equal, only the best serve

wituners on-demand

A WLAN plan with optimal performance provides more capacity and better performance, and requires less maintenance while those poorly planned WLANs cost dearly in maintenance and loss in productivity. The time has long passed that an engineer can plan a WLAN manually with his experience due to the complexity and scales of today’s business WLANs. There are so many factors affecting the performance of a WLAN that even a WiFi planning software is not necessarily able to generate optimal WLAN plans, just for a single obvious reason:  optimizing a WLAN is mathematically a NP problem where the time it takes to come up with an optimal solution increases with the number of APs exponentially. As a result, such WiFi planning software often takes a short cut by excluding many affecting factors in generating a plan. Such a plan is certainly sub-optimal, which is usually the root cause of many WLAN issues business WLANs facing in daily operation.

There are already quite a few WiFi planning software on the market. These conventional WiFi planning software help WiFi designers and installers to create deployment plans for AP installation. The resulting plan often gives the number of required APs, their placement and configurations. Tens of thousands wireless networks have been deployed using these plans, and they seem to work OK, until recently. What has changed?

Wi-Fi planning, performance auditing, and tuning has always been difficult, complex, time consuming, and expensive, largely due to the complex nature of Wi-Fi technologies.
Conventional WiFi planning software are simplified by focusing on Wi-Fi connectivity and coverage, without taking an optimal WLAN performance into consideration. The resulting deployment plans are often sub-optimal. In the past few years, sub-optimal WLANs built with conventional WiFi planning software seem to have survived without too much end user complaint mostly because network load was typically light.

Unfortunately, such a grace period for WiFi planning software is gone for good. Today, with more and more Access Points deployed, more and more bandwidth consuming video applications running and more and more Wi-Fi enabled client devices such as tablets and smart phones, a sub-optimal WLAN is no longer tolerable. Sub-optimal WLANs bottleneck WLAN owners’ productivity when WLAN is mission critical to them. They lower customer satisfaction rate due to poor WLAN performance; They cause excessive IT maintenance cost. The same is true for network operators looking for ways to off-load their cellular networks. Is there a solution?

WiTuners WiFi planning software, fully backed by its Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technologies, provides with a suite of WLAN optimization software as a solution to keep up with these changing requirements and traffic patterns and addresses the ever increasing demand for robust and predictable WLAN performance. The key lies in WiTuners’ unique capability of creating optimal plans. The result? Optimal deployment plans that provide more capacity and require less maintenance. When a deployment plan for wireless networks is augmented with real-time inputs from network data and site surveys, it becomes a living representation of the real-world WLAN and the RF environment around it, which never falls out of date. Before you install, change or move any WLAN devices, you can test it in our WiFi planning software, and see the impact your proposed changes would have on real-world performance, capacity and coverage. As a result, WLAN deployment plans created with our WiFi planning software provides more capacity and require less maintenance.

Requirements for WiTuners Planner

WiTuners Planner runs on Windows PCs and servers.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Software Requirements:
  • OS: Microsoft Windows or Windows Server. Both 32- and 64-bit versions are supported.
  • Database: free MySQL database
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Wireless Network Adapters
  • Not required except for the site survey capability.
  • Site survey uses embedded Wi-Fi cards requiring no external dedicated cards.
  • Supports IEEE 802.11a/b/n/g/ac compatible Wi-Fi Adapters.
  • The site survey capability on 5 GHz depends on the embedded Wi-Fi Adapters
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Hardware Requirements:
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher, 3.4 GHz recommended
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM or higher, 16 GB recommended
  • Hard disk space: 200 MB or higher
  • Support for Spectrum Analysis requiring a Wi-Spy DBx dongle from Meta-Geek.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Supported Formats of Floor Map Files
  • PDF (not all types of PDF formats supported.)
  • CAD DWG/DXF (not all types of CAD formats supported.)