WiTuners WiFi Optimization Software Overview

WiFi Optimization Software Suite for Enterprises

Wireless LAN Optimization: WiTuners’ Click & Tuned All-in-One Solution

Wi-Fi Site Survey, WLAN Planning, WLAN Performance Monitoring and Optimization Software Suite

WiTuners WLAN Optimization Software Suite integrates Wi-Fi site survey, WLAN planning, and real-time WLAN monitoring and optimization. It is the only complete WLAN optimization software suite that covers the entire life cycle of a WLAN to ensure a WLAN running at its maximum capacity at all stages and at all times. It is a business enabler for Wi-Fi companies to run more Wi-Fi projects in less time, at less cost and with better quality.

The software suite enables Wi-Fi companies to optimize WiFi performance and improve WiFi speed, coverage, capacity, bandwidth usage in real-time, throughout the life cycle of planning, deployment and maintenance. It tunes business wireless networks in seconds, and dramatically simplifies WLAN maintenance as the WLAN evolves and conditions change.

The software suite includes WiTuners Mobile, WiTuners Planner, WiTuners On-Demand, WiTuners Connected and WiTuners Dashboard, all built with a focus of optimized WLAN performance supported by WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology.

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What’s so unique about WiTuners WLAN Optimization Software Suite

Differentiators and Advantages of WiTuners WLAN Optimization Software Suite

WiTuners WLAN Optimization Software Suite is built around WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology which constructs a virtual WLAN from multiple sources to accurately reflect a WLAN in the real world and optimize it very quickly.

By getting a more complete view of the real world WLAN and by considering more factors, from more sources, it allows WLANs to be optimized for more capacity and less maintenance. As a result, the software stands out with two major unique capabilities:

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Ensure WLANs running at their peak performance
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Enable Wi-Fi companies to do more Wi-Fi projects in less time and at less cost.

Accordingly, Wi-Fi companies and WLAN owners benefit from a number of differentiators of this software.

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trend-analysis-for-continuous-audit-results WiFi Monitoring Software
More Wi-Fi projects
in less time and at less cost
WiFi Monitoring Software for-selected-ap-and-client
keeping WLAN optimal
at all times and at all stages
custumized-informative-audit-report WiFi Monitoring Software
“Thinking” and “acting”
instead of only “displaying”
real-time-audit-chart-before-and-after-optimization WiFi Monitoring Software
Requiring no additional hardware or changes in WLANs infrastructure

Business Enabler for Wi-Fi Companies

Wi-Fi companies do more projects in less time and at less cost using WiTuners


Help Wi-Fi companies, whether they are WLAN VARs and MSPs, to improve or expand their Wi-Fi business.

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 If you perform site survey
  • You don’t have to carry a heavy lap to the field
  • You may even not need to go to the field to collect data yourself.
  • You get detailed highly customizable and presentable survey reports showing not only the collected data, but also the performance assessment of the surveyed WLAN.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 If you maintain WLANs
  • You can expand your Wi-Fi business by providing a new service of Wi-Fi performance “health check” for the WLANs you have installed, whenever needed, using WiTuners On-Demand.
  • You can expand your Wi-Fi business by providing a subscription based new service of monitoring and tuning the performance of WLANs 24 by 7 with WiTuners Connected.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 If you design WLANs
  • Come up with a complete multi-floor WLAN deployment plan in a few minutes
  • Perform what-if analysis to change WLAN properties interactively and see the effects on WLAN performance immediately.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 If you take multi-site remote Wi-Fi projects
  • You can cut cost up to 90% and cut the project time up to a quarter with WiTuners Remote Project capability.
  • You do not need to manually keep records of survey results and projects status of hundreds of remote locations.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 If you provide Managed Services

You can expand your portfolio of MSP offers by including WiTuners Dashboard. It is the only solution on the market that enables MSPs to remotely optimize and track history of the performance of hundreds of WLANs by various vendors from a single screen at the same time.

Automated Optimization Capable of “Thinking” and “Acting”

While other solutions only display or “see” a WLAN, WiTuners software does more by providing automated solutions


WiTuners is an automated Wi-Fi optimization software suite which tunes business wireless networks in seconds, and dramatically simplifies WLAN maintenance as the wireless network evolves and conditions change.

Provide solutions

While conventional solutions can only “see” or “display” WLAN data, WiTuners provides automated optimization solutions for improvement.


The software generates optimal configurations, which voids the technically-infeasible and error-prone manual tuning process.

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After connecting a wireless controller, WiTuners Connected starts to monitor the performance of a WLAN. But more importantly it provides automated optimized solution:

  • Dynamically predicts WLAN capacity in real-time based on the real world WLAN configurations and conditions from the controller.
  • Sets and shows dynamic performance warning lines based on the predicted WLAN capacity.
  • Triggers proactive warnings in real-time when the real world WLAN performance exceeds the warning levels.
  • Provides an automated optimized solution with one click.
  • Can even apply the changes automatically if being set so for supported controllers
  • Keeps the performance stats in database to be retrieved later for trend analysis.
  • Shows the most complete view of WLAN performance for both up-link and down-link Wi-Fi signals by integrating with WiTuners Mobile.
  • With one click, it delivers not only the current performance of a WLAN, but also an automated optimized solution for improvement.
  • Auto-planning wizard generates for you optimized WLAN deployment plans with the number of APs, their placement and optimized configurations with one click.
  • Optimizes a WLAN deployment plan for you with one click.
  • Shows the performance changes right away on changing properties of APs and client devices with Virtual Site Survey and various heat-maps or WLAN views.
  • Shows in survey reports not only the survey data, but also performance assessment and areas of issues.

All-in-one Software Suite Keeping WLANs Optimal at All Times and at All Stages

WiTuners all-in-one WLAN Optimization Suite keeps business WLANs running at their peak performance

WiTuners’ Click & Tuned WLAN Optimization Solution covers the entire life cycle of a WLAN, from site survey, planning to audit and tuning in maintenance stage. It is a cost-effective software suite for performance optimization of business WLANs. Its optimal WLAN planning and automated real-time Wi-Fi performance tuning is the first of its kind in the industry that keeps wireless networks optimal, at all times.

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Actual optimal at all stages and at all times

WiTuners is built around the core target of maximizing the WLAN performance with fast and accurate WLAN optimization using WiTuners Advanced Tuning Technology.

Actual optimal

Because WiTuners optimizes WLAN fast, it is the only software capable of taking the most complete list of salient factors into the WLAN optimization process.
As a result, WiTuners brings in actual optimal WLAN performance that converts into multiple real benefits for WLAN owners.

At all stages (life cycle optimization)

Sub-optimal WLAN performance arises from any stage of the life cycle of a WLAN, from site survey, to planning, and to the maintenance. WiTuners covers optimization to all of the stages through each program in the suite.

At all times

WLAN conditions change with time. WiTuners ensures a WLAN to perform at its maximum capacity at all times with WiTuners Connected. It is a subscription based Software As a Service (SaaS) that continuously monitors and tunes the WLAN performance.

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Leverage of Integrated Wi-Fi Programs

WiTuners integrates Wi-Fi programs for site survey, planning and performance monitoring and tuning into a unified software suite. It bridges gaps between different Wi-Fi software, typically used individually at different stages in the life cycle of a WLAN. Enabling data to flow from one program to another, such integration provides the leverage of calibrating the virtual WLAN with the real-world WLAN for improved accuracy as well as the unprecedented insight into the performance of a WLAN by using the aggregated data and views from each software program. For example,

Benefits of WLAN Optimization

WLAN owners benefit from optimal WLANs in a number of ways.

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Better user experience of business WLANs

Better user experience of business WLANs at the peak performance using WiTuners True-performance Based Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Improved productivity

Improve productivity by avoiding expensive WLAN performance issues before they occur with proactive real-time alerts

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Reduced WLAN owners’ operating cost

Reduced WLAN owners’ operating cost with 24 by 7 automated continuous audit and tuning of WLANs

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Plan ahead of time

Plan ahead of time by identifying usage changes with Trend Analysis

Simple and Easy to Use

Software only solution with the standard based technology

WLAN Optimization on-demand WiFi audit

Using WiTuners WLAN Optimization Suite is simple and easy. It is software only solution with the standard based technology. It empowers users to design, monitor, and optimize WLANs effortlessly with automation wizards. In the meantime, it provides experienced users with powerful analytical capabilities to perform what-if analysis interactively, and provides visibility into details of WLAN performance through many views.

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wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Software only solution
  • Less upfront investment and zero additional hardware cost.
  • You don’t need to purchase or install any additional hardware
  • Zero additional support
  • You don’t need to make any changes in existing WLAN infrastructure.
  • It does not require any additional support from hardware devices or software systems.
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 User friendly

The software is designed to be intuitive and user friendly which makes it quick to learn and easy to use.

  • automation wizards
  • analytical capability
  • user-friendly interface
wituners-bullets-points-15x15Vendor neutral

It uses the same user interface and the same standard based data communication technology for WLANs by all the supported vendors, which makes it a superb investment applicable to most of business WLANs as well as a trusted unbiased solution focusing on WLAN performance.

  • support more WLANs by various vendors

You can use the same software to support more customers, being less restricted by the vendors of the WLANs.

  • higher return of investment in learning the software

With the unified user interface, you apply the same of what you learn to many vendors WLANs.

WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology

Technology Background of WiTuners WLAN Optimization Software Suite

Top 10 WLAN Solution Providers 2017WLAN deployment planning, performance auditing and tuning is notoriously difficult, complex, time consuming and expensive, largely due to the complex nature of Wi-Fi technologies. In the past few years, sub-optimally deployed and maintained WLANs seemed to have survived, without too many end user complaints. Unfortunately, however, such a grace period is gone, for good. Today, with more and more Access Points deployed, more and more traffic off-loaded from cellular networks, more and more bandwidth consuming video applications running and more and more Wi-Fi enabled client devices, such as tablets and smart phones, a sub-optimal WLAN is no longer tolerable any more, becoming a bottle neck of productivity for many owners of WLANs.

WiTuners provides a solution to address this ever increasing demand. Its capability of real-optimal planning and ongoing automated true-performance based tuning clearly separates itself from existing connectivity-based WLAN solutions.

WiTuners WLAN Optimization Software Suite is a cost-effective software-only solution for performance management of large scale Wi-Fi networks. It tunes business wireless networks in seconds, and dramatically simplifies WLAN maintenance as the network evolves and conditions change. Its WLAN planning and automated real-time Wi-Fi performance tuning is the first of its kind in industry that keeps wireless networks optimal, at all times.

Behind the software suite is the WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology. It enables Wi-Fi companies to optimize the network configuration in a click, based on predefined optimization goals such as using the fewest APs, maximizing capacity or improving performance or coverage, and apply that optimized configuration automatically or manually to the WLAN infrastructure.

In particular, WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology, as depicted in the “WiTuners Inside” diagram, supports

  • Converges planning, network and site survey data for a complete real-world view
  • Vendor neutral solution supports WLAN equipment from major vendors
  • Saves you time on troubleshooting, site surveys, upgrades and maintenance
  • More accurate than any other tool on the market by considering more factors
  • Generates optimized WLAN configurations in seconds, not hours
  • Dynamically adapts to evolving WLAN conditions and user demands

Inside WiTuners

WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology

wituners overview
wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Accurate Virtual WLANs Mimics Real World Wireless Networks

Our software suite contains a virtual WLAN which accurately mimics real-world network conditions and behavior in real-time, by drawing from three different data sources: planning, the network itself and site surveys.  Such accuracy of a virtual WLAN is a prerequisite for a relevant outcome of the optimization process that brings up maximum capacity and best WLAN performance of the real world wireless networks when the optimized configurations are applied.

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 WLAN Optimization Engine for Fast Optimization

At the heart of our software suite is WiTuners WLAN Optimization Engine. It solves high complexity optimization problems very quickly. The Optimization Engine generates a set of optimal configurations for a given WLAN system in a matter of seconds.

Such fast optimization enables WiTuners software to consider more factors from more sources to gain a complete view of the real-world WLAN, not available from conventional planning, site survey or network management systems. As a result, WLAN optimization with WiTuners software is much more accurate than other conventional off-the-shelf Wi-Fi software.

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Automation of Optimization

While the virtual WLAN updates to the real world wireless networks in real time, the Optimization Engine predicts the WLAN capacity dynamically. In the meantime, the Engine continuously compares the predicted capacity with the real world performance statistics and issues alerts proactively when the capacity is about to be exceeded.  The optimization process is then triggered to generate a set of optimal configurations to increase the capacity. Such automatically produced optimized configurations out-performs manual tuning, every time

wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Feedback loops for Integrated Wi-Fi Programs

As shown in the diagram of “Inside WiTuners”, there are quite a few feedback loops inside WiTuners that make the software uniquely powerful and accurate. For example, the real world WLAN configurations make the virtual WLAN relevant and accurate, and the virtual WLAN in turn improves the performance of the real world WLAN with optimized configurations. The virtual WLAN takes the site survey results as inputs to calibrate its WLAN environment model which results in a more accurate virtual WLAN.

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wituners-bullets-points-15x15 Database Managed

The software widely uses database to keep data of both virtual and real world WLANs. WLAN deployment plans, site survey results, WLAN configurations and performance statistics are all stored in database for history tracking and comparison, which forms the basis of powerful functionality such as trend analysis, comparison of WLAN plans, and survey history etc.

The software also leverages the cloud technology to help Wi-Fi companies to do Wi-Fi business efficiently.  By allowing data to be put in the cloud, WiTuners makes it easy to seamlessly pass and share deployment plans, site survey data, WLAN configuration and performance data among various Wi-Fi programs in our software suite for site survey, planning, performance monitoring and tuning. By applying the cloud technology, WiTuners Remote Project capability becomes a valuable business enabler that cuts time and cost to a fraction of conventional approaches.

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