Become WiTuners Marketing and Sales Partners

Are You Ready to Boost the Margin on Your Wireless Network Business?

With the explosive growth of wireless devices, your customers are demanding better performance from an over-burdened 802.11 infrastructure. It is time to turn these “lemons” into “lemonade” by expanding your managed network offerings based on WiTuners. WiTuners delivers proven performance for mission-critical wireless networks. WiTuners can help your customers and can convert your customer wireless troubleshooting calls into gold. Isn’t it time you become a WiTuners reseller partner by joining its Marketing and Sales Partnership Program (MSPP)?

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Become WiTuner Reseller partners for your WLAN infrastructure business growth

Grow your WLAN business


Solid business growth with ongoing revenue streams and expanded capabilities in managed network services.

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Expand Your WLAN Business by Joining WiTuners MSPP

One-time and Recurring Annual Revenue

Higher Profitability

from existing customers by reducing the high cost customer network trouble calls and through more efficient wireless deployment projects

New Wi-Fi Business Opportunities

from assignment of qualified customer leads, plus full support to resellers to develop their own WiTuners business

Additional Revenue Opportunities

from adding managed wireless network services, increasing customer touch points and enhancing reseller value to customers

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